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Studio albums from Céilí Max members

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Video’s of Ceili Max members

  • Irish Music on the Underground feat. Tad Sargent, Sam Proctor, and Orlaith McAuliffe

  • Orlaith McAuliffe Flute Solo

  • CrossHarbour feat. Sam Proctor, Orlaith McAuliffe, and Tad Sargent

  • Tony Christie and Ranagri feat. Tad Sargent

  • Ranagri feat. Tad Sargent

  • Tad Sargent Bodhran Solo

  • Long Notes feat. Colette O'Leary

  • Aizle feat. Joseph Bardwell

  • Loic Blejean & Tad Sargent

  • Bumblebees feat. Colette O'Leary

  • Tad Sargent & Loic Blejean Album