How it all began…

In 2016 Ceili Max member Tad Sargent was selected as a bodhran and bouzouki player at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.  He was one of four members of the band for the Taming of the Shrew (Caroline Byrne’s Direction for Emma Rice’s Season Of Wonder).  Performing at the same prestigious theatre at the same time was the mighty Indian percussionist Jeevan Singh.  Jeevan was one of the four musicians for A Midsummer’s Nights Dream (Emma Rice).  These two characters met frequently for after show parties and frequently jammed together.  During the Summer of that year, The Globe Theatre was full of the sounds of Celtic music and Indian rhythms. 

Four months later Ceili Max received an enquiry for a wedding, an Irish groom and an Indian bride.  The suggestion was made that Jeevan join Ceili Max for the ceilidh.  The result was stunning! Jigs and Reels pinned down beautifully by Jeevan’s wonderful dholak playing.  When the party needed to be ramped up Jeevan started playing his dhol drum.  The effect on the guests at the wedding was electric.  Irish and Indian guests mesmerised into dancing The Seige of Ennis and other famous Irish and Scotish ceilidh dances.  To end the night Jeevan even stayed to play along to Bhangra music on his dhol.  Read more about that incredible night by clicking on the link below

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Booking Ceili Max’s Bhangra Ceilidh Project

We now take bookings for our Bhangra Ceilidh.  Whether you are looking for a Bhangra Ceilidh for a multi-cultural event, or just want to see and hear the extraordinary combination of two great cultures!

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